Welcome to the Nsawam road Church of Christ! We're excited that you have chosen to be part of the church. Nsawam road church of Christ is autonomous Christian congregation associated with one another through a common beliefs and practices. The Church of Christ is the Body of Christ comprising human beings who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord after believing the Word preached to them, repented of past sins, confessed the Lord and have been baptized, and consequently been added to the Church by the Lord.

Our doctrine and practices are based on the bible alone and seek to be a New Testament congregations as originally established by the authority of Christ.

We’re a church called by Jesus Christ to teach, serve and witness in love to our community and to one another. Our desire is to know Jesus more fully and to make him more fully known as the spirit transform our live into Christ character.

Acknowledging the gospel call hearing the expressed needs and desire of the congregation. Our church is a very special, family-like, lively and multi-cultural community. We have a broad and diverse congregation both in terms of its focus and membership equipped and prepared to achieve fuller understanding of god’s word cultivated a deeper fellowship with one another.

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